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*Minimum of 3 years shop experience, portfolio and certificate of apprenticeship, proof of required 2000 hours training.

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133 Route 46 Rockaway NJ, 07866

(Entrance & Parking is on Lower Level)

Take care of your new tattoo after the ink is applied.



Your tattoo will be bandaged before you leave, and must remain that way for a minimum of 2 hours.  The bandage can also remain on for up to 12, but after that it must be removed for air to get to it and so it can be cleaned.  There will be blood and excess ink after you remove the bandages.


When preparing to wash your tattoo, wash your hands before gently cleaning it with warm water and a mild antibacterial liquid soap.  The soap should be non-scented and not alcohol based.  After you finish, pat it dry with a paper towel or lint free cloth and allow 10 minutes for your tattoo to air out.


Making sure your hands are still clean, apply a thin layer of your tattoo aftercare product to ensure your tattoo is both protected and able to breathe.  This is important because suffocating it will not let it heal properly.


Make sure to always keep ointment on your tattoo, as letting it dry out will cause larger scabs to be produced, which may cause you to lose color as they crack and peel.  Ointment should be applied with clean hands an average of 3-6 times a day to keep it moisturized, and the tattoo should be washed 2-3 times a day, or whenever it becomes dirty.


Certain areas may require additional or special treatment, which your artist will explain if applicable.  You should care for your tattoo in this manner until it has finished peeling and is no longer an open wound.  


Until the tattoo is healed, you cannot go in a lake, the ocean, a pool, or take a bath.  Do not tan or receive prolonged exposure to the sun without covering it.

Keep precious memories and people close with a tattoo.  Schedule an appointment to discuss your design today

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Custom Tattoo Designs

If you can imagine it, our artists can help you create it using the most reputable inks, brightest colors, and reliable equipment available.

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