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*Minimum of 3 years shop experience, portfolio and certificate of apprenticeship, proof of required 2000 hours training.

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You've found the best artists


Getting a tattoo or a piercing makes a statement about your individuality. It's important to choose an artist who can match your vision. You'll appreciate how professional artists can transform your ideas into a vibrant design.


Get unique body art that is creatively designed, with intense coloring options, and performed under the cleanest conditions. You'll love getting your tattoo with us.

A changeable canvas

Piercing is a fantastic way to express your style, whether you are getting your first piercing or your 10th. You'll enjoy how fun it is to change when the mood strikes you through endless body jewelry options.

  • Hospital style sterilization for both tattoo and body piercing

  • Custom designs with the brightest colors available

You're an individual with style, express it!

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